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Energy Conservation in the United Kingdom: A Major Industrial Opportunity

We are standing at a watershed in world development-the transition from an era of cheap and abundant energy to one where energy becomes scarcer and dearer. This paper discusses from the U.K. standpoint the opportunity that enhanced energy conservation presents to industry both to modernize and rethink its energy structures. Also,and of equal importance, is the response to the challenge of meeting the new investment demands that energy conservation presents.

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Energy Specializations: Energy Efficiency

JEL Codes: Q41: Energy: Demand and Supply; Prices, Q48: Energy: Government Policy, Q35: Hydrocarbon Resources, Q21: Renewable Resources and Conservation: Demand and Supply; Prices, Q20: Renewable Resources and Conservation: General

Keywords: Energy conservation, UK, Investment, Industry modernization

DOI: 10.5547/ISSN0195-6574-EJ-Vol5-No1-10

Published in Volume 5, Number 1 of the bi-monthly journal of the IAEE's Energy Economics Education Foundation.


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